Chartered Trust was established in 1980 by its founding principal and Managing Director, Peter Savory, following his employment as resident manager of the TCI office of an major audit and accounting firm.

Conceived as a non-institutional, independent boutique for selected clients, the Company’s management focused on the provision of high-quality corporate and related services to an international clientèle of banks and professional intermediaries from its original base in Grand Turk, expanding in the late 1980s into the management of capital and real property assets for these clients and for the increasing number of private individuals and families who were taking up full or part-time residence within the Islands.

Having accepted a number of trusteeships during this period, and with the early stages of development of a luxury tourism-based economy already becoming evident on that island, the decision was taken in 1989 to open a new private client-focused office of Chartered Trust in Providenciales.

Amongst the first to be granted a full, unrestricted licence under the Trustees (Licensing) Ordinance 1992 and, in 1999, amongst the first three to be licensed under the Company Manager’s (Licensing) Ordinance, Chartered Trust has consolidated its reputation over the past three decades as a provider of high-quality trust, corporate and immigration consultancy services to a wide range of international and domestic clients.

The most recent phases of the Company’s development came with decisions taken in 2008 to concentrate its corporate services function within a purpose-established wholly-owned subsidiary, CT Management, and then in 2011, to move to newly-built modern premises in the rapidly-expanding Grace Bay business and tourist district of Providenciales and to establish a trust presence in Auckland, New Zealand.