Residency and Imigration in Turks and Caicos

Residency and Imigration in Turks and Caicos

Long-term residency in the Turks and Caicos Islands

Every seven and a half seconds, an adult turns fifty years of age in the United States, adding to the 80 million+ “baby boomers” already living in North America at the rate of about eight per minute. With over half of these boomers expressing an intention to relocate in retirement from their present predominantly urban or suburban base to somewhere offering a superior lifestyle, as if made to order, there’s a politically stable, tax-free Caribbean island territory with and ideal climate and virtually no crime a little more than an hour’s flying time from the mainland United States.

The British Caribbean Overseas Territory of the Turks and Caicos Islands is this idyllic retirement location.

Anyone who has invested US$500,000 or more in a home or business for himself or herself in Providenciales and surrounding islands, or US$250,000 in Grand Turk, Salt Cay, North Caicos, Middle Caicos and South Caicos and who does not intend engaging in gainful employment within the Islands (other than to oversee his or her investment) and who can maintain himself or herself and his or her dependents for the duration of such residence, may apply to the government for a Residence Permit affording legal residence in the Islands for up to ten years.

An application for such a permit will be accompanied by evidence of the applicant’s financial standing, good health and good character and a written undertaking that the applicant, while resident in the Islands, will not engage in gainful employment - other than undertaking such activities as are necessary to oversee his or her investment.

Following its issue, such a long term Residence Permit may be renewed (on one or more occasions) for further periods of up to ten years.

Application may also be made for a permit affording residence in the Islands for up to three years by persons owning property in the Islands who have invested less than the prescribed minimum amounts or who occupy residential property in the Islands under a rental or lease agreement.

We’ll be happy to provide additional information about such permits and the fees and costs associated with the application and renewal processes upon request, and to assist with applications thereafter.

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