There are five categories of corporate entity in TCI – none of which is required to have resident directors or to hold meetings in TCI – namely exempted companies (IBCs), limited life companies, ordinary companies, foreign companies and incorporated associations.

Each company type lends itself to a different application - for example, exempted companies to act as personal asset holding vehicles, limited life companies where there is need for a vehicle in the nature of a partnership but having separate legal status with limited liability, ordinary companies to own property and/or to conduct business in TCI, foreign companies incorporated and/or registered outside TCI but which conduct business within TCI and unincorporated associations to act as charitable and/or professional bodies.

TCI law provides for the continuation into the Islands of corporate entities registered outside TCI and for the continuation of TCI-registered companies outward to other jurisdictions.

Further information about the features of each category of company, as well as set-up and annual fees for each thereafter, is available upon request.